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Feminine Power!


I had a dream once that shows exactly what happens to a woman, energy-wise, when she disconnects from her feminine power: I was walking in a dark, magical forest with beautiful flowers and wild animals all around; my heart was full and I did not need anyone else… Suddenly I saw an ugly snake laying on the road hissing at me. Her slimy body (the snake was female) was disgusting, her open mouth and long poisonous tongue taunted me, foreshadowing the most torturous death ever. I overcame my fear and stepped forward. As I moved in closer, the face of the snake started to melt and suddenly I saw tears coming out of her eyes. In shock, I looked back at myself; I could see I’d morphed into a magical being, split down the middle with two faces, each face looking in the opposite direction. All of a sudden I felt a sharp, excruciating pain in my head(s). Deep inside of my tailbone I saw snake-like energy, lights of energy, moving in a beautiful way, yet painfully torn from something bigger; they were like many threads that were torn from a main source…I closed my eyes, moved even closer to the snake, took a couple of deep breaths and… inhaled it! As the snake hit the inside walls of my stomach and traveled along my spine, it transformed into the most beautiful blue light I’d ever seen, shining and sparkling, the split sides of my body re-uniting, turning the two women’s faces that had emerged from my head back towards each other, making them one. My headache was gone; my body was now filled with light. I had become the light, shining upon the entire forest, and beyond--to the entire world, dissipating its darkness.

What happens to women as we suppress our passion in order to fit into the norm of society?

Our passion lays in wait for us, dormant, like an ugly snake threatening to kill us for not using it properly. Only when we muster the bravery to connect with that passion--to be wild and free and break all the norms--only then are we able to become that light shining in the darkness, like a wondrous lighthouse that brings hope and joy to everything around it. Most of us are just one step away--albeit a difficult step--from living the life of our dreams. Sadly, most of us never take this step

Dr. Kostina’s groundbreaking book, Finding the G-Spot of Your Soul, helps women find, embrace, and manifest their life purpose through creativity, pleasure, joy, and mining the meaning in their pain. Combining extensive research and empirical data based on her work as a healing practitioner and wellness coach, Dr. Kostina demonstrates that sexual energy, creative energy, and spiritual energy all come from the same place. Dr. Kostina provides readers with a way to apply this principle, utilizing her unique diamond-shaped formula to help people fulfill their unique purpose. Each point in Finding the G-Spot of Your Soul is illustrated with stories shared by her clients that readers can easily relate to. Hands-on activities and fun exercises follow each chapter, allowing readers to apply these ideas and to discover the meaning of their own lives, break away from the status quo, and start living ravenously!

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