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Shining, Joyful YOU!

Saturday & Sunday,  June 22  & 23

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A Time to Clear Your Energy &

Celebrate Your Shining Self!

Free Chakra Talk, Saturday at 10:30 am

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Every Solstice and Equinox our master facilitators offer discounted private sessions to aid you in your spiritual development, healing and guidance for your journey.  Snacks and drinks and free gifts for you during our Spirit Fairs. 

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         Sessions- 12:00pm-6:00pm

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 Lillian's mission is to energetically empower you to live your ideal, abundant, health-filled and stress-free life; becoming fully optimized in every area of your life. Lillian is a student and practitioner of Western and Eastern modalities of healing and thinking since the 1970's. Her healings, readings and classes have provided profound results. Schedule with Lillian!

Blanche has provided a rich array of sessions  that address physical, emotional and spiritual issues -- from the simple to the esoteric since 1994. She has practiced and taught at centers Internationally for ten years before founding The Chakra Shoppe.   If you are experiencing unusual symptoms, paranormal experiences, physical or emotional stress, suffering from  life's traumas or wanting to reach new levels of achievement, Blanche can bring comfort, loving healing, inspiration and guidance to assist your journey.  Schedule with Blanche!

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Blanche Rev. April M. i s a intuitive reader since 1990. She brings insight and guidance to questions about your career, relationships and any life questions. Her fondest goals are accuracy, clarity and kindness, providing guidance for wise choice. Initiated into Reiki from one of the first Reiki teachers from Japan the 1980's, April provides hands on Reiki energy healing sessions that are soothing, aligning and grounding.

Schedule with April. 

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Carla Diamantis is an *Oshun Priestess *in the Ancient tradition of Ifa, Carla has practiced, and studied, for approximately 25 years in Tarot Reading and Ifa. Carla Diamantis has been reading Tarot since the year 2000. Her readings are , practical down to earth and no nonsense, yet spiritual guidance from high vibratiional source. Her readings  address issues of a job, love, health, children, negative energy and more! Schedule with Carla.

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Henia has been a student of metaphysics since 1987. A graduate from Blanche Blacke's School of Chakra Healing, she is a gifted intuitive healer. She also has the gift of channel and has studied with Sharyl Noday for channeled Readings and Liliian Irne Lovas for Akashic Readings.   Schedule with Henia.

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