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 Available for In Person and Phone Sessions! 

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Master Chakra Healer - Teacher

Founder  --  The Chakra Shoppe

Blanche has provided a rich array of sessions  that address physical, emotional and spiritual issues -- from the simple to the esoteric since 1994.   If you are experiencing unusual symptoms, paranormal experiences, physical or emotional stress, suffering from  life's traumas or wanting to reach new levels of achievement, Blanche can bring comfort, loving healing, inspiration and guidance to assist your journey. 


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Available by Appointment  & Walk-Ins

Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays


Blanche created The Chakra Healers Training Program in 1999.  Read more about her classes here.



Diviner- Reiki Healer

Rev. April M. i s a intuitive reader since 1990. She brings insight and guidance to questions about your career, relationships and any life questions. Her fondest goals are accuracy, clarity and kindness, providing guidance for wise choice. Intiated into Reiki, April provides hands on energy healing sessions that are soothing, aligning and grounding.

Available Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays CALL  (773) 271-3054


Akashic Record Reader, Energy Healer, Intuitive Life Coach & Teacher

Lillian Irene Lovas.jpg

 Lillian's mission is to energetically empower you to live your ideal, abundant, health-filled and stress-free life; becoming fully optimized in every area of your life. Lillian is a student and practitioner of Western and Eastern modalities of

healing and thinking since the 1970's. Her healings, readings and classes have provided profound results. 


Lillian's Credentials Include: B.S in Nutrition & research, a fellowship in preventive medicine and nutrition at Northwestern Univ. Certifications in Akashic Records, NLP Health and Wellness, Chinese Energetic Method, 4 Yoga teachers' trainings, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Herbology, Holo-Body, 10X, Crystal therapy, Ayurvedic Methods, and Vedic Astrology


Session Info & Schedule Online Here!

Available by Appointment  & Also Walk-Ins on Wednesdays and Alternate Tuesdays


Chakra Healer & Channeler

Henia has been a student of metaphysics since 1987. A graduate from Blanche Blacke's School of Chakra Healing, she is a gifted intuitive healer. She also has the gift of channel and has studied with Sharyl Noday.

Session Info & Schedule Online

Henia Portrait 2023.jpg


Crystal, Reiki &

Akashicr Readings

 Earl facilitated his first readings and healings at a very young age. He was taught by his renowned spiritual healer grandmother. More recently his training includes Reiki certification from Deanne M. Lozano and Chakra Healing Training with Blanche Blacke. Earl provides a gentle, yet powerful healing. Readings are divinely guided and positive energy flow enhances your experience.

Session Info & Schedule Online

Available by Appoinment & Walk-Ins Wednesdays & Fridays

Earl 1.JPG


Carla Reading 2023.jpg

Cowrie - Diviner

Carla is an *Oshun Priestess *in the Ancient tradition of Ifa, Carla has practiced, and studied, for approximately 25 years. Cowrie divination is a traditional African form of Oracle interpretation that address issues of a job, love, health, children, negative energy etc.

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Chakra Healer & Tarot Reader

Edyta Kania is a graduate of Blanche Blacke's School of Chakra Consciousness. Edyta earned her certification in Chakra Analysis and Balancing on January 25, 2020. She relies on clairvoyant messages and empathic sensing to assist the client in clearing their energetic blockages. Her favorite tools are crystals and aromatherapy. Sessions with Edyta are inspired by her teacher Blanche Blacke's affirmation that "we all have the right to be who we are."


Session Info & Schedule Online

Edyta Kania.jpg
Sandra Abbott.jpg


Tarot Reading

Sandra is also known as Mama Star. She will be reading Tarot at The Chakra Shoppe on Tuesdays from 4:000 pm to 7:00 pm. Sandra is originally from Cuba and is fluent in Spanish.  She is an energy empath, clairvoyant, a visionary, advisor and a seer. She assists to improve life/daily relationships, spiritual nourishment, and personal growth. Her goal is to share information that can empower and help you.  Her mission is to create harmony with love! Walk-In or Schedule On Line!

Session Info & Schedule Online

Darren Garrison_edited_edited.jpg


Tarot Reading

While Darren is the newest addition to our team, he has many years of training and practice.  Darren has been interested in the metaphysical world since a young age. He received his first tarot deck at 14. He began taking Intuitive Tarot Reading classes with April M. in 2013 and continued to learn and practice diligently. He has now trained his psychic gifts sufficiently to be included as a professional associate. Darren can do a choice of a six month look ahead, Celtic cross spread, or a general year look ahead.  Walk In or Schedule Now!

Session Info & Schedule Online

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