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Whether your interest is for your personal transformation, for integrating this modality into your current profession or to become a Certified Chakra Analyst & Healer, Blanche Blacke's Chakra Healers Training lifts the veils of soul forgetfulness, inspires, rejuvenates and transforms your life.

Begin with the introduction class, Chakra Healing 101. Ignite your personal transformation during the dynamic intensive, 7 Chakra Power Weekend. Continue on to learn how to give yourself a complete Chakra Analysis and Healing session. Advanced Intensive trainings can easily integrate into your current healing profession or you can perform all the requirements necessary to become Certified as a Chakra Analyst & Healer.  See Individual Classes below...


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Learn about the energies of the chakra system and how they work together.  Gain a comprehensive overview about each chakra power.   Read More & Register!


Friday, Saturday & Sunday
August 4,5 & 6

Reveal and Heal your own unique chakra programming. Delve into the core of your inner being for more personal power in the world.  Gain in-depth knowledge of the individual powers of consciousness. Each chakra power is it's own force. Problems develop in life when our inner being powers are in conflict or stuck in patterns. Patterns can inhibit, repress or even self-destruct our conscious intents and desires.   You will gain a deeper understanding about the chakras & vibrational tools of healing including: Crystals, Sound healing, Guided meditations and other exercises for self-growth and transformation.

During this weekend intensive, Blanche gently guides you in  raising your vibration. She helps to: Facilitate self discovery; Enhance your personal power; Discover True life purpose; Build Confidence and Enhance your creativity. Choose to enjoy the benefits of this stand-alone workshop or continue on to learn more advanced healing work for yourself and others.   

Call (773) 655-9941 to speak with Blanche.  Register NOW!


Pre-requisite, Chakra Healing 101      

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