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Cosmic Crystal Wisdom: Blue Aventurine

Updated: Apr 13, 2022


Blue Aventurine has be en selected as a crystal for this month's New Moon in Gemini, enhancing communication.

Most of us are familiar with Green Aventurine. Blue Aventurine is often called blue quartz. The color comes from copper minerals. When connecting with the vibration of blue aventurine, it stimulates your mind and heart. This stone encourages the heart to bring forth love and compassion. It empowers you to communicate, opens your throat chakra and your third eye. The communication is not only from within but gives you clarity from the universe. If you find your self-discipline, communication, intuition or being calm needs enhancing, add a Blue Aventurine to your collection.

Blue Aventurine helps you uncover victim patterns and provides the understanding to accept responsibility for your choices.

It reveals the big picture to help you understand the thoughts behind actions you have taken and provide you with vision on how to rectify and empower any changes you desire. Blue Aventurine also enhances your power to take action.

There are several ways to use Blue Aventurine

You can program it with your intention to speak your truth. Meditate with the stone in one hand and make your intention about what you wish to bring forth. Place it on your throat chakra and ask for open communication for yours and others highest good. 

For connection to your knowing, you can place it on your third eye and ask for vision you need to bring all positive vibration for your highest good. Blue Aventurine is a crystal to spend some time with. Start with spending at least 10 quiet minutes with the crystal and work up to 30 quiet minutes. It is important to allow sufficient time with the energy of the stone to influence your vibrational pattern. After your have connected with stone you could carry it in your pocket or sleep with it under your pillow which can surely enhance your connection with 

the stone. 

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