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Cosmic Crystal Wisdom - Celestite

Updated: Apr 13, 2022


This crystal is a blue translucent with multiple facets. This blue color can range from light to dark blues with tinges of gray, green and violet depending on where it is sourced from. It is found in Sicily, Morocco, Madagascar, Egypt. There was a large deposit in United States located in Ohio but that mine has now been closed. Source is becoming rare. It usually forms large clusters. Looks like a large drusy /druzy as seen in amethyst but is blue in color. The Romans and Greeks were very familiar with the high vibration healing that this stone possess. This crystal is a tool that will assist you to connection to the Divine Guidance, as well as opens up your creative expression of clear thought and speech.

Celestite Will Empower You to Trust Yourself 

Celestite promotes peace in time of stress. A great anxiety reliever clearing the mind to solve the issues as they arrive. This crystal provides you with a gentle vibrational energy to connect to the angelic realm.

This crystal activates your third eye, crown chakra as well as the throat chakra.

In connecting with these chakras, it aids you to giving voice to what emanates from the Divine and the angelic realm bestowed upon you doing your meditation work with Celestite. Working with Celestite, it is best to cleanse in couple of ways by using Sage smoke or putting a bunch hematite stones next to the celestite. The moonlight is the better charger since the sun rays can fade the color. So, if you charge with sun do no more than couple of hours. Recharging the Celestite only occasionally

How to Use Celestite

Meditation with Celestite can be done by placing or touching the appropriate chakras. Just holding in your lap during meditation can connect you to the of higher vibration energy of the Divine. Having in your pocket or wearing to use when you want to connect to the throat chakra to speak your voice in that calming and destressed matter. Put on your nightstand to promote dream recall and positive morning energy. Just the beauty of the blue color of Celestite and the soft but direct vibrational energy is definite asset to your toolbox for spiritual, emotional, and physical assistance. Celestite is your stone for clarity.

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