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Chakra Talk: Happiness & Chakra Energy


Happiness. When most people are asked what they want, the most common answer is happiness. I often reply, happiness is a feeling, not a goal. The achievement, the gaining of a physical thing or end result of a goal attained often does not bring the desired feeling of happiness that most people hope it will. Often it is letdown.

I will never forget the feeling I felt when, as a rock singer decades ago, I came home after performing at a concert to an audience of 20,000 people. Such a great high reaching that goal! Came home to the biggest crash one could imagine. I had reached that goal, but I still felt the same. I didn't know at the time that our soul essence, the energy body of the chakra system spins programming of past emotional trauma and defense and coping mechanisms of patterned feelings and behaviors that often cause us suffering.

So, in other words, the things we think will make us happy often will not. But, clearing past pain and reprogramming faulty belief systems that cause us trouble or keep us stuck can actually create a space for more genuine happy experiences. Then it is up to us as choosers of our focused thinking to "bask" in the emotional reality of these new awesome experiences rather than continuing to activate the cellular memory of past pain that triggers self-defeating behaviors, by reverting back to the groove of old thought patterns. Deep grooves of an "I am Unlovable" belief or "There isn't enough." thoughts can cause a lifetime of suffering for oneself or others as one continues to strive for unattainable love or continue to feel not wealthy no matter how much money one has attained.

Chakras, wheels of light, are invisible grooves of energy consciousness.

Chakras vibratie our unique individual personality traits, quirks, strengths, weaknesses and "miasmas" of trigger, response, thought and unconscious actions, both positive and negative. Life enhancing and self-defeating. Every mammal has them. Automatic and mostly uncontrollable.

One such pattern is one I have noticed in my cat, King Rupert, nicknamed "Rupie". When Rupie was a kitten he felt very loved by me. I gave him certain kinds of snuggles and words that I continue to this day. As a kitten, he had ear mites for a very long time that caused him to scratch his ears. It took many months of various kinds of remedies to get rid of these ear mites. Whenever I come to him with the same kind of loving attention today that I did when he was a kitten, he scratches his ears in the same way he once did. He does not have ear mites. In fact, that condition never came back. And yet, when I "love him up" today his consciousness goes into a vortex of past thought/feeling response and he takes that action and scratches his ears like he did as a kitten.

All human beings have similar kinds of linked behavior patterns that are unconscious (until revealed) and we are the only ones who can consciously change them, with great effort and often only after a deep chakra healing and balancing. Even when certain patterns are revealed it takes focus, clearing and practice to change these patterned thought processes that lead to behaviors. Not easy, but SO worth it! Change your chakras change your life!

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