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Chakra Talk: Communicate With Clarity


Communication is not always easy. We all have different ways of speaking with one another. The words we use and the way we use them are often misunderstood. Emotions and body language also play a big part in our expressing to one another.

What Is Your Truth?

What is it that you are really trying to say and why? If one wanted you to move a basket, they might express that in any number of ways... Some of us are very straight forward in our speaking: -- "Move that basket" which might be considered by some as harsh, or by another person appreciated for your direct request. Your desire might also be said as , "Well I think the basket is in the wrong place." While this may seem more gentle, these words might also occur as judgmental to someone and they would not move the basket, because your direction was not clear.Getting Clear about what we want is the first step.

Getting clear about our intent and motivation is the first step.

Sometimes our chakras are in conflict within our own being. Maybe we really want the basket moved, but fearful if we move it today we will miss it tomorrow. Coming from a place of lack. "Um, well, the basket is there, but I really don't like it there, I think you should move it, but if you move it, that might not be good. I don't know, maybe I still want it there." If one communicates in that way things really get confused. Perhaps we really want the basket moved, but feel guilty because it might offend someone. We worry about what someone  else might think. "Do you like this basket there? I don't know, I put it there last week, but now I think it maybe not the right place. Do you think you want to move it?

Being concise and meticulous with our word helps life move with grace and flow between co-creators. It is a wise practice to become clear within our own chakra system before expressing any request, criticism or comment to another whose consciousness may express things very differently. And when in doubt, asking a question is very helpful. "What do you mean by that?" Helps our understanding and makes for good communication.

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